5-axis milling with BZT


5 Achs Fräsen

The use of a 5-axis milling machine enables processing measurements in the plate processing which go far beyond the standard. Even with heavy plastics a high preciseness is achieved. This special form of 3D-processing makes it possible that work pieces are processed in only one working step. The time-consuming multiple clamping of the work pieces is not necessary anymore. Works can be carried out more efficiently. With this technology the cutter can position and proceed under each angle of the work piece, whereby the manufacture of very complex 3D-objects is made possible.

Thanks to the 5-axis technology and when correctly applied, compared with other manufacturing processes there can be achieved astonishing results even with very complex work pieces.

In our range the 5-axis swivel head is currently offered as an option for the series PFE , PFG-S and PFX offered.In our company each machine is individually tailored to the customer’s needs. Particularly in the 5-axis processing – thanks to our modular construction – we can offer our customers an individual and inexpensive alternative. By an optimal balance between machine, tool, control and software we can present particularly operator-friendly solutions.

When using the 5-axis technics the machines are even more effective and precise, the price-pereformance ratio is exemplary in this machine segment. By having increased the quality when working with this machine, each company will give a positive summary within a short time.

BZT PFX 1000 - 5-axes-CNC milling with swivel head

PFE Series

PFG-S series

Machines with an optional 5-axis swivel head

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