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  • "Spare parts for model helicopter"
  • Model: BZT-PF600C



In March 2007 I bought a BZT 600C incl. WIN-PC NC aund Filou. The milling machine is used for projects in RC model building, helicopters, rotor head systems. The materials plastics, CFK and aluminium are processed with the machine.

The decision to buy a milling machine is often based on the very long delivery times for spare parts. Also the realisation of own ideas respectively decisions plays an important role.

At the beginning it turned out very fast that a CNC milling machine is not a „Plug and Play – solution”. Here extensive experiences had to be made, but these were extending fast with an increasing number of work pieces.

On the pictures there can be seen first trials of an optimised fanwheel made of aluminium, assembly plates made of plastics and aluminium for a whirling disk stabiliser.

Furthermore, there were produced diverse frames for model extensions with the help of the CBC milling machine.

Uwe Häcker from Wörth

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