BZT PFE im Einsatz


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We have used a PF 600 for ca. one year. Initially, the machine was only used for the drilling of wooden strips with a precise interval, the operation directly from PC-NC under DOS was / is quite simple and can be done fast. After we bought a Windows program the linking to CAD drawings is not difficult anymore.

The pictures show the milling machine by processing plastics boxes in which are put printed circuit boxes set with plugs.

Each box is as precise as the other!!

We are thinking of buying a bigger professional machine.

As meanwhile there are also available a lot of accessories, I would like to propose the following: From a dishmop (round) can be milled an addition device for the vacuum cleaner (ring), then the whirling pills and dusts are also led to the vacuum cleaner!

Berthold Hodler from Bisingen

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