PF 750C im Einsatz


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After I had come around a booth with a fully illuminated funfair on the Intermodellbau in Dortmund I had the only desire to build something identical. Unfortunately, this idea was very difficult to realise due to the very small illuminating elements, what inevitably led to an unplanned "learning of the hard way". In order to fit these appliances there were built printed circuit boxes, which all not really fitted. Also the cutting and the mechanic subsequent works of complicated geometric forms did not really work as well as I would have liked it. I was nearly thinking of ending up with this hobby.

As a last possibility I decided to buy a CNC milling machine in October 2006. In order to get more information and having a presentation of the machines at the same time I went to different fairs and visited different producers. Ultimately, I decided to take a PF 750 C because of its stable Z-axis. The convincing consultation during the presentation of the machine was a distinctive reason for buying the machine, too. Many trials were run to eliminate the normal beginning and adjusting problems. Unfortunately, thereby we also ruined several milling tools, but I have not felt sorry for my decision. The boards are milled now, what means the end of the works with the not really healthy caustics. The milling and fitting of the boards work perfectly. Refurbishments of the original assembly kits of the stands and the funfair rides do not pose any problems.
One part is like the other and own buildings as well as alterations of ship, car and aircraft models have been managed successfully. It is really fun to see how all suits and functions.  The engine lathe, earlier used for round parts (ring wheels) is seldom in operation, as it is easier with the milling machine. If the machine is properly adjusted, a remeasurement of diameters and contures is nearly not necessary anymore. This minimises the manufacturing time enormously and while the milling machine does its work, I can spend my time on other things what consequently means more free time for private affairs. Especially my children are enjoying this. Fairly soon I will realise other projects beyond the model building sector. It is really fantastic how many ideas you develop when working with the machine and which can be realised, too.

Markus Meixner from Oelde

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