Fräsen in der Wohnung mit der PF 1000 C



I am Stefan from Tirol, I am 27 years old and electrician. About one year ago I bought a milling tool from BZT with software etc.! At that time I decided to buy a PF 1000 C, as I want to process big plates, too. I mainly use the machine for the model building, the manufacture of diverse parts for helicopters and other model aircrafts. I mainly work with the materials aluminium, plastics, wood, carpon, plexiglass and similar ones.

I produce on my own from normal plates to 3D aluminium parts all what I need. I have had really good experience with the machine; it really makes fun to work with it considering its preciseness and running smoothness. I live in a flat and there I work with the machine, too. Up to now I have not heard any complaints of my neighbours that it is too loud. We should not forget that the machine seems to be properly created for the model building.

Closing word: I would never exchange this machine into something different, because all different what I need I can produce with this machine on my own!

Stefan Weihrer from Kössen in Austria

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