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Mill with BZT machines! BZT – Your contact partner for the consultation and the purchase of a CNC milling or CNC engraving machine… Why shall you rely on us for all your questions about the topic “portal milling machines”? We can tell you our arguments!

More than 1,200 delivered machines in 70 months, 90% of them to commercial customers - this all speaks for the competence, the reliability and the extraordinary innovation potential of the BZT Maschinenbau GmbH

BZT - Made in Germany

Quality "Made in Germany"

Our milling and engraving machines include the predicate  „Made in Germany“. The quality of our building components is our highest priority. Our assembly groups are constructed and manufactured by specialists on site in Leopoldshöhe (near  Bielefeld).


Thanks to our long lasting experience in machine building we are able to further develop our machines according to customers’ need and are looking forward to meet new challenges. We submit offers in a close consultation with our customers, so that we are able to find the best solution to your individual requirements.

Quality products - We do not use any cut-price imports

We count on prestigious manufacturers for our bought-in products! For example ball screw spindles, linear guidings and guide carriages are delivered by Bosch. Let not blend yourself by low-quality, optically identical building components installed in the machines of our competitors! Our building components stand for quality and robustness in order to enjoy our product for a long time!


Thanks to our machining company as a supplier we are able to manufacture new assembly groups and building parts for the further develpment of our machines in the short term and inexpensively flexible.

Long lasting experience

For more than 30 years we have been working in the field of machine building since 2006 we are manufacturing portal milling machines. This experience we pass to our younger employees, what in practice enables us to a customer-oriented further development of our portal milling machines.

CNC Fräsen


We are looking forward to offer you a demonstration of our portal milling machines in our company. Get your own ideas about the quality of our machines. Compare the milling results of our machines with those of the competition. We are not afraid of being compared!

Delivery times

We at BZT like to play with open cards. On receipt of your order our milling machines are individually produced for you. You can always address to us for current delivery times or these are indicated precisely in the frame of the offer.

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Note on technical data and image material on our products
All statements without guarantee. Changes and modifications to improve the product properties are not excluded. Here shown Pictures / images of machines and equipment can also show optional accessories.

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