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  1. PF 600-P

    Category: Virtuemart/Baureihe PF

    incl. Ball screw spindles
  2. BZT-Graver

    Category: Virtuemart/CNC Portalfräsen

    NEU bei BZT: Zum Einführungspreis! - 2000,- € reduziert Das BZT Graviersystem - Komplettangebot - konfigurierbar!
  3. Drag Knife Bit for Cutting Sign Vinyl with a CNC Router

    Category: Virtuemart/Schneiden / Zubehör

    New! To cutting foil,paper and drapery, suitable for 43mm euroneck´s for CNC-milling cutter
  4. Plasma cutting with the PFU-G

    Category: News/Latest - English (United Kingdom)

    The G-version of the PFU series for flame cutting and plasma plants, for water jet cutting or for the control cabinet production. You will get from us a BZT-CNC portal milling machine PFU -G with a preparation ...
  5. Milling and engraving with BZT!

    Category: News/Latest - English (United Kingdom)

    The magazine "Heimwerker-Praxis" in its march/april issue, reports about milling more closely. To newcomers to the topic milling - tested and analyzed with the BZT PF 600-P. Especially for newcomers ...
  6. Our new products!

    Category: News/Latest - English (United Kingdom)

    In recent weeks we have been able to expand our product range once again strong. Accessories for your CNC portal milling BZT! Not right here? Browse Recent ...
  7. Portal milling: Engraving and milling

    Category: News/Latest - English (United Kingdom)

    Engraving and milling with the portal milling machines from BZT: Take advantage of our experience in the production of upmarket CNC milling and engraving machines. Our portal milling machines are ...
  8. Online Shop

    Category: News/Latest - English (United Kingdom)

    ... you can find in our! Here you can get in our shopping area.  ...
  9. New PFA series from BZT

    Category: News/Latest - English (United Kingdom)

    ... 135 mm travel, tours 15 mm, suitable for HF spindles up to 2.2 KW 31.111,- € Complete offer* 557,- € Leasing rate** Here you can find our new PFA in our online shop. For questions regarding ...
  10. CNC Control

    Category: News/Latest - English (United Kingdom)

    ... the G-code generated by CAD/CAM with many short linear pieces profits from this function. Here you can find our BZT-CNC-USB software in the shop! Simple CAD/CAM functionality DXF HPGL  ...
  11. Model building

    Category: 'Uncategorised Content'

    Model building with the portal milling machines from BZT The development of the CNC portal milling machines for the model building can be seen as a special matter for BZT, as the first impulses for the ...
  12. Prototype building

    Category: 'Uncategorised Content'

    Rapid Prototyping / Prototype building with BZT Rapid Prototyping (prototype building) with the portal milling machines from BZT. The fast manufacture of sample pieces does not pose a problem with our ...
  13. Jewellery craftmanship

    Category: 'Uncategorised Content'

    CNC milling for jewellers At BZT the series PFK, PFE and PFX are predestrinated for jewellery and gold smith crafts. The portal milling machines from BZT distinguish themselves by a fast setting up of ...
  14. Advertising technology

    Category: 'Uncategorised Content'

    CNC engraving / CNC milling in the advertising technology Customers in the field of advertising technology use the BZT portal milling machines for the following products: Production of 3D alphabetic ...
  15. Engraving technology

    Category: 'Uncategorised Content'

    Engraving with BZT portal milling machine Your complete solution for the engraving technology from BZT: Engraving machines, milling and engraving software for all kinds of captions and signages. Our ...
  16. 5-axis milling with BZT

    Category: 'Uncategorised Content'

    The use of a 5-axis milling machine enables processing measurements in the plate processing which go far beyond the standard. Even with heavy plastics a high preciseness is achieved. This special form ...
  17. CNC Fräsen: Video Einschulung mit HappyLab

    Category: News/Latest

    Das Happylab ermöglicht als Österreichs erstes "Fab Lab" den niederschwelligen Zugang zu digitalen Produktionsmaschinen. Mit Laser Cutter, 3D-Drucker, Schneidplotter und CNC-Fräse können eigene Ideen ...
  18. PFL-3 im Test bei Heimwerker Praxis

    Category: News/Latest

    ... Gesamtnote im Test von 1,2. Das aktuelle Heft der Heimwerker Praxis ist hier erhältlich. Unsere PFL-3 Baureihe finden Sie hier im Shop.  ...
  19. Holzspielzeug mit den Portalfräsen von BZT

    Category: Unternehmen/Pressemeldungen

    Breites Spektrum der CNC-Holzbearbeitung JVA Attendorn: Holzspielzeug mit den  Portalfräsen von BZT Gefangene, die zu wirtschaftlich ergiebiger Arbeit nicht fähig sind, sollen arbeitstherapeutisch beschäftigt ...
  20. Sparen Sie beim Online Einkauf!

    Category: News/Latest

    Und wieder % sparen bei ausgewählten Produkten aus dem BZT Shop. Neu dabei Rapid-Shine Fräser für die Bearbeitung von Kunsstoffen und Acryl. Achtung: der ...

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Drag Knife Bit for Cutting Sign Vinyl with a CNC Router Drag Knife Bit for Cutting Sign Vinyl with a CNC Router €99,96
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HSC Einzahnfräser, Rapid Shine, Rechtsdrall, kurze Version HSC Einzahnfräser, Rapid Shine, Rechtsdrall, kurze Version €46,65
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