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  1. BZT CNC milling and engraving machines

    Category: News/Latest - English (United Kingdom)

    We have have developped different ranges of CNC portal milling machines, CNC milling machines and CNC engraving machines, which set new standards in their dimensions related to  stiffness as well as stability. ...
  2. Quality "Made in Germany"

    Category: News/Latest - English (United Kingdom)

    Our assembly groups and building components for the construction of the portal milling machines are directly produced in our machining company. Also here, as regards the selection of machines, we count ...
  3. CNC Control

    Category: News/Latest - English (United Kingdom)

    ... Milling / cutting Engraving Drilling Pocket milling Tool data Tool length Tool diameter Length compensation G41, G42, G43 For rotary tools there are available additional ...
  4. CNC Wood processing

    Category: 'Uncategorised Content'

    Engraving and milling machines for wood processing With the BZT portal milling machines you will gain best possibilities for the fast and precise manufacture of milling and drilling parts made of wood. ...
  5. Machining aluminum

    Category: 'Uncategorised Content'

    Aluminum machining with the BZT milling machines With the BZT portal milling machines you have got a lot of opportunities for example: series production Manufacture of housings Drilled aluminum ...
  6. Model building

    Category: 'Uncategorised Content'

    Model building with the portal milling machines from BZT The development of the CNC portal milling machines for the model building can be seen as a special matter for BZT, as the first impulses for the ...
  7. Prototype building

    Category: 'Uncategorised Content'

    Rapid Prototyping / Prototype building with BZT Rapid Prototyping (prototype building) with the portal milling machines from BZT. The fast manufacture of sample pieces does not pose a problem with our ...
  8. Jewellery craftmanship

    Category: 'Uncategorised Content'

    CNC milling for jewellers At BZT the series PFK, PFE and PFX are predestrinated for jewellery and gold smith crafts. The portal milling machines from BZT distinguish themselves by a fast setting up of ...
  9. Advertising technology

    Category: 'Uncategorised Content'

    CNC engraving / CNC milling in the advertising technology Customers in the field of advertising technology use the BZT portal milling machines for the following products: Production of 3D alphabetic ...
  10. Engraving technology

    Category: 'Uncategorised Content'

    Engraving with BZT portal milling machine Your complete solution for the engraving technology from BZT: Engraving machines, milling and engraving software for all kinds of captions and signages. Our ...

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