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  1. PFH 2010-G

    Category: Virtuemart/Baureihe PFH

    incl. Frame
  2. Tool changer SK20-6-compartment bar with housing

    Category: Virtuemart/Werkzeugwechsler

  3. Tool Changer SK 30 6-compartment bar

    Category: Virtuemart/Werkzeugwechsler

  4. Tool Changer SK 30 10-compartment bar including housing

    Category: Virtuemart/Werkzeugwechsler

  5. Tool changer SK30 for 19 tools

    Category: Virtuemart/Werkzeugwechsler

  6. Tool Changer SK 30 10-compartment bar

    Category: Virtuemart/Werkzeugwechsler

  7. Tool Changer SK 20-6-compartment bar

    Category: Virtuemart/Werkzeugwechsler

  8. Tool changer SK20 10-compartment bar

    Category: Virtuemart/Werkzeugwechsler

  9. BZT OEM SprutCAM 2D "Basis"

    Category: Virtuemart/CAM Software

  10. BZT OEM Sprut CAM 5 AX Mill Simultanfräsen "Pro"

    Category: Virtuemart/CAM Software

  11. BZT OEM Sprut CAM 3 AX Mill 3+2-Achsen

    Category: Virtuemart/CAM Software

  12. BZT OEM Sprut CAM 3 AX Mill 3-Achsen "Expert"

    Category: Virtuemart/CAM Software

  13. BZT OEM Sprut CAM 2,5 AX Mill 2-Achsen "Maschinist"

    Category: Virtuemart/CAM Software

  14. Tapmaxx Grease

    Category: Virtuemart/MMS / Kühlung

    Automatically grease of taps an cnc-machines
  15. RhinoGold Plugin for Rhino

    Category: Virtuemart/CAD Software

    for Jewelers and jewelery designers
  16. BZT 4. Axis round table

    Category: Virtuemart/4. Achse

    with step motor for 100mm jaw chuck
  17. New Video: PFU-S 2010-G

    Category: News/Latest - English (United Kingdom)

    A new video of the milling machines is online: Plastic milling with the PFU-S 2010-G. The special solution here is the clamping technology a specially built-pneumatic device, which fixes the workpiece ...
  18. Plasma cutting with the PFU-G

    Category: News/Latest - English (United Kingdom)

    The G-version of the PFU series for flame cutting and plasma plants, for water jet cutting or for the control cabinet production. You will get from us a BZT-CNC portal milling machine PFU -G with a preparation ...
  19. Videos of our portal milling

    Category: Service/Beitrag - English (United Kingdom)

    Get an impression of our CNC milling machines / milling and engraving machines in our video section. # Here you can find our Youtube Playlist of BZT portal milling machines Playlist  ...
  20. 5-axis milling with BZT

    Category: 'Uncategorised Content'

    The use of a 5-axis milling machine enables processing measurements in the plate processing which go far beyond the standard. Even with heavy plastics a high preciseness is achieved. This special form ...

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PF 1000-P incl. Ball screw spindles PF 1000-P incl. Ball screw spindles €2879,80
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Ball-bearing creasing wheel guide for TCT-1 Ball-bearing creasing wheel guide for TCT-1 €177,31
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Drag Knife Bit for Cutting Sign Vinyl with a CNC Router Drag Knife Bit for Cutting Sign Vinyl with a CNC Router €99,96
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