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We wish you all a Merry Christmas and relaxing holidays. Thank you for your trust and wish you a successful 2012!

The team of BZT Maschinenbau GmbH

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Portal milling: Engraving and milling


Engraving and milling with the portal milling machines from BZT:

Take advantage of our experience in the production of upmarket CNC milling and engraving machines.

Our portal milling machines are ideal for:

  • Prototype manufacturing
  • CNC milling / milling works in 3D objects
  • Ne-metals, platics and wood
  • Moulds and model building
  • CNC engraving in 2D and 3D

Our customers are to be found in the following fields:

  • Suppliers in general
  • Suppliers for the automative industry
  • Aliminium processing
  • Machines / plant engineering
  • Wood processing industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Plastic processing industry
  • Aeronautic and space flight
  • Medical technology
  • Automotive industry
  • Advertising technics
  • Private users: model builders, hobbyists

Industries for the CNC milling


CNC-milling from BZT? Our arguments ...


Mill with BZT machines! BZT – Your contact partner for the consultation and the purchase of a CNC milling or CNC engraving machine… Why shall you rely on us for all your questions about the topic “portal milling machines”? We can tell you our arguments!

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BZT on fair dates


BZT at Fair Tour 2012! A lot of work is already behind us, Anyone who has not seen our machines live at one of our shows: At the end of November we are still on the Eurmold in Frankfurt!

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Kundenwettbewerb: And the winner is...


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Endlich online! Unsere ersten drei Plätze aus unserem Kundenwettbewerb! Wirklich tolle und kreative Fräsarbeiten unserer Kunden

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EMV geprüft


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Unsere Portalfräsen sind EMV geprüft! Unsere Fräsen mit deren Steuerungen sind jetzt auch offiziell EMV konform.

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Ultrasonic welding with BZT


Ultrasonic welding with the BZT-portal milling -
Our PFU series is also available on this terrain - it is a true professional!

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New website, new service: Soon you will not only find on our website our shop offer but also supporting advice for the user related to the topics milling and engraving as well as to our portal milling machines. Thereby, you can get access to our online help as a service point 24 hours the day.


Online Shop


Shop für Fräsmaschinen Portalfräsen

Our huge range of portal milling machines, CNC milling and engraving machines you can find in our Online Store. Of course, Our huge range of portal milling machines, CNC milling and engraving machines you can find in our!

Here you can get in our shopping area.


New PFA series from BZT


PFA Portalfräse von BZT auf der Viscom

Our new A-Class - The portal milling machine for the advertising technology. Live at the Viscom 2011 presented with great success. We thank unserern customers and prospective customers for the great feedback on the show!

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Fall Festival 2011 - on 05/11/2011


PFA Portalfräse von BZT auf der Viscom

Take a look at our pictures of our Fall Festival 2011

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BZT CNC milling and engraving machines


We have have developped different ranges of CNC portal milling machines, CNC milling machines and CNC engraving machines, which set new standards in their dimensions related to  stiffness as well as stability. Benefit from our more than 30-years-experience in the field of machine tool building, sice 2006 we are building portal milling machines. Our  CNC milling and CNC engraving machines are adjusted to the very needs of their users.  Mill and engrave your work pieces with high precision and reliabilty with the help of machines from BZT.  The new benchmark for precision and performance...


Quality "Made in Germany"


BZT Produktion Fräsen

Our assembly groups and building components for the construction of the portal milling machines are directly produced in our machining company. Also here, as regards the selection of machines, we count on quality "Made in Germany".Work pieces up to a length of 6.5 m can be processed with our C80 Hedelius Heidenhain. The Machining Company enables a cost-efficient and flexible manufacture of the BZT portal milling machines.


CNC Control


CNC Steuerung

For our production series instead of our BZT CNC-USB-Software respectively BZT CNC-Servo control we can also offer you CNC-Control technology from Siemens or Heidenhain. For example from Siemens we can offer the Summerik 802S, from Heidenhain the TNC320.

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SpeedCut – Fräsmaschinen von Mario Hoffmann nach Insolvenz - BZT übernimmt Service


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BZT, Hersteller von Portalfräsen und Graviermaschinen für die Holz-, Kunststoff- und Aluminiumbearbeitung,  übernahm bereits im Jahr 2007 den Portalfräsenhersteller Speedcut von Mario Hoffmann nach Insolvenz.
Ersatzteile für die Fräsmaschinen können über die Firma BZT bezogen werden. Ein Wechsel zu den BZT-CNC Steuerungen ist ebenfalls möglich.


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