Press, Hold & Drill


Press, Hold & Drill - Our solution to the incredible economic machining of parts in series production with a portal milling machine. On customer request here, even with a double spindle on a PFU-S 2010.

The operating principle:

1. The workpiece is pressed by a presser foot by 2 pneumatic cylinders from the top of the table. The holding force is here per kg at 30th The holding force is adjustable via pressure regulator.

2. The pressure foot, in which the suction device is integrated fixed, the workpiece on the table.

3. The aluminum plates are pierced. 20 pieces each 1.5 mm. The whole thing through the use of double spindle equal to two times in parallel.

Series production economically and easily. By the PFU-S portal milling machine with dual spindles of BZT. Press & Hold Drill!

Looking for a special solution for your application? Ask us, the professionals for portal milling machines!



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