PFX Series


NEW: The PFX 700 Series 2nd version :
Faster and more precise and robust! The driven nut in the X-axis provides for even better milling results. This high performance HSC-machine (High Speed Cutting) has especially been designed for the fast and precise processing of aluminium and also (limited)steel. The PFX-series is highly precise and thanks to its solid steel construction it is extremly buckling resistant and stable.
Thanks to its fixed portal only the table processes, so that there is the advantage that not so huge masses have to be moved and by servo technics speeds up to 30 metres per minute can be achieved.
  • Linear guidings and ball screw spindles in all axes
  • Deliverable with step motor or AC-servo motor
  • With servo technics are speeds up to 30 metres per minute possible

Special features

Version PFX-H is ideal for precision milling in the 3D area and is increasingly due to the milling of jewelry, stamps and medals. Wide range of accessories such as spindles with SK 20 tool holders or a fully automatic 3D button, and a fourth high-precision Axis in servo technology available



Milling in 3D objects made of steel, non-ferrous metals, plastic and wood, forms and model
well as engravings in 2D and 3D.


SINUMERIK 802S base line control , the CNC from Siemens for lowest cost applications in the field, offers thanks to the following three properties of the optimal solution for turning and milling:
  • extreme ease of use
  • No maintenance
  • unbeatable inexpensive


baseline designed to feed a maximum of three stepper drive axes and one analog spindle. We provide a control panel with all necessary components. NC, PLC, operator panel, machine control panel, inputs, outputs and software

TNC320 Heidenhain control
  • components: the main computer with TNC keyboard and integrated TFT color flat-panel 15.1-inch with soft keys
  • Operating System: Real-time operating system HEROS for machine control
  • Memory: 300 MB (on compact flash memory card CFR)
  • input resolution and display step: Linear axes: up to 1 micron, rotary axes: up to 0,001 °
  • input range: Maximum 99999.999 mm (3.937 inch) or 99999.999 °
  • interpolation: Linear in 4 axes, 2 axes in circular, helix-superimposition of circular and straight
  • block processing time: 6 ms (3-D straight line without radius compensation)
  • axis control: position control resolution of the position encoder/1024 signal period, the position controller cycle time: 3 ms
  • Travel: up to 100 m (3937 inches)
  • spindle speed of up to 100 000 U / min (analog speed setpoint)
  • error compensation: linear and nonlinear axis error, backlash, reversal spikes during circular movements, thermal expansion, friction
  • data interfaces: V.24 / RS-232 C max. 115 kbit / s, advanced data interface with LSV2 protocol for remote operation of the TNC 320, via the data interface with the HEIDENHAIN software TNCremoNT, 100BaseT Fast Ethernet interface, 2 x USB 1.1
  • Operating: 0 ° C to +45 ° C
  • Storage: -35 ° C to +65 ° C
  • axes: 3 axes controlled and regulated spindle S

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