NEW! PFU-S series


The machines of the PFU-S series are designed as a more robust version of the PFU developed series. In the X-axis has been installed while a steel beam that is guaranteed to have less vibration in the CNC machining. On the machines of the PFU-S series it is possible to use 2,2 KW spindles!

Technics Special feat ures
  • Steel beam in x-axis
  • 2,2 KW spindles possible
  • Rack mounting, ergonomic design: feet are within
  • Versatile
  • PDF Flyer Baureihe PFU
The version G has the higher stability of the portal two ball screw spindles in the Y-axis , a right and a left at the gate.



Milling in 3D objects from non-ferrous metals, plastic and wood forms and model as well as engravings in 2D and 3D.


  • T-slot
  • vacuum plate
  • Control: Please let us advise you and let us know your requirements! Several variants are possible.
  • minimum amount of cooling
  • Available with a closed loop stepper motor or AC servo motor
  • portal Increase: For more porcessing way, please take a look at the PFU-S-2


Which model is right for you?
The most important criteria of differentiation of the series PFU to PFH we have put here for you to facilitate your decision in choosing the appropriate machine.

DDF Flyer Copmarison portal milling machines PFU-PFH

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PFU-S 2015-G incl. frame Product Details
PFU-S 2515-G incl. frame Product Details

Note on technical data and image material on our products
All statements without guarantee. Changes and modifications to improve the product properties are not excluded. Here shown Pictures / images of machines and equipment can also show optional accessories.

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